Motorcycle One With No.1 User Rating for Selling Motorcycles

As a result of combining the purchase price, appraisal method, campaign contents, and user evaluation, the No. 1 purchase store ranking was “Bike One”. Let’s take a closer look.

Reason 1: Because it is a motorcycle purchase specialty store, it is possible to purchase a large amount

The appeal of Bike One is the high appraisal amount. This can be done by taking advantage of the strength of a motorcycle “buy specialty store”. Purchase specialist stores are not aimed at retailing, so you can buy any type of vehicle, and you can increase the purchase amount because of the lack of inventory management and distribution costs.

I actually had an assessment with a phase estimate, but I was asked to present an amount tens of thousands of yen higher than others, so I decided immediately. At that time, when I talked to the assessor, it seems that it is often the case that it is an estimate with Ba King and Gobi Ku, but it seems that the amount presented by Bike One is mostly higher (Since I heard it, I don’t know the truth, but I was told that I was quite confident in the amount presented.)

Reason 2: Online assessment without personal information input

The automatic assessment form on the Bike One website lets you know the approximate selling price without having to enter personal information such as your name or phone number. The items to be entered are as simple as the manufacturer, displacement, vehicle type, year, and mileage. It can be said that the average selling price displayed in the automatic assessment is quite accurate.

Larger and bulk quote sites usually require you to enter a phone number, email address, address, etc. However, if you give personal information, this service is long term. Bike one has responded to the request of “I want to know how much the assessment amount will be because it’s fine to start with.”

Reason 3: High reputation with customer-oriented thorough service

Once the purchase contract is completed, it will be cashed on the spot. Unlike the transfer company at a later date, it is very helpful when you want cash. In addition, there are various purchase campaigns, so it is worth using if you sell a motorcycle.

For that reason, when I decided to sell a motorcycle, I checked the reputation of Bike One on the internet and found it almost unpopular. I was happy to tell that to the staff of the assessment. There seems to be some people who receive a handwritten thank-you letter or thank the person in charge directly. The evaluation of the net and the actual evaluation seemed to be excellent.


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