The Cure for Boring Motogp Races Short Tracks

It seems everyone is whining and complaining these days about everything. In some cases, people just need to deal with issues. In others, there is some merit to the complaining. When it comes to motor bikes races, there is merit to the complaint the races are boring.

Roughly half of the races this year will be run on intermediate tracks. They tracks slowly suck the soul out of every stock motor bikes racing fan. Why? The configuration is such that the motor bikes tend to follow each other in a long line. As we saw at the motor Parts 500 in Montana, passing is an excruciating process of slowly moving up in the corners till you gain enough momentum to just slide up in front or around the motor bikes you are trying to pass. It is painful to watch.

The end result of all this is nearly half the season is dedicated to races that don’t really get the old heart ticking. It is cookie cutter racing and not the paint trading, bump drafting, helmet throwing tantrum racing many of us have come to love. Put another way, it isn’t like Bristol, Martingale or Richmond and therein is found the answer to what ails motor bikes.

Motor bikes needs to focus less on tracks that can pack in as many fans as possible and focus more on exciting racing. Put another way, the Frances and Heston’s of the world need to stop trying to milk every dollar out of the sport instead of making sure motor bikes is vibrant and thriving. The answer to all the problems is to put a mercy shot into as many intermediary tracks as possible and bring back more short tracks.

While you are staring blankly at the screen this weekend while the cars go around the track in Vegas in a long line, try to picture Richmond. Wouldn’t a track like Richmond be great in Vegas? Two grooves would mean fast, competitive racing. The stands would be full and people would be going nuts. Instead, we’ll get a long line of motor bikes with whoever is in front pulling away thanks to the clear air. Oh, joy.

Motor bikes are obviously in a tough spot. The powers that be have to realize the intermediary tracks are a problem, but a lot of money has been put into them. Throw in a nasty recession and the idea of switching tracks is probably laughable to the people running the sport. Well, boring racing leads to small crowds and dropping television ratings. Sooner or later, that is going to end up costing motor bikes much more than tweaking the tracks and schedule will.


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