Types of Motorcycles Available

Almost everyone loves to ride a motorbike in pleasant weather, be it with your partner or bike ride with friends or a solo ride in the rain. A bike will always give you the best experience. For many reasons bikes have always been a favourite vehicle of many, one reason is undoubtedly the looks and feels it gives. But there are various types of bikes for different purposes, you cannot think of a bike race with your standard a hundred cc bike, for that special racing bikes are there. Similarly, if you plan to buy a bike for a comfortable ride with your partner, then a sports bike will not solve your purpose. The obvious question is, why not a car than a motorcycle? The answer ultimately depends on your choices. Here are some basic types of bikes you must know about before buying one for yourself and basic knowledge of different types of motorcycle tires on Autodoc.co.uk. The experience, style, and speed a bike can offer are challenging to be found in a car.


This bike has a low height seat which gives you an enjoyable experience while you are cruising around your city. These bikes can also carry little luggage and are a perfect option for both new and experienced bikers. You can find A Touch of Class with such bikes, and many renowned companies specialize in cruiser bikes. You will find a minimum of a thousand cc engines, but many brands manufacture with higher capacities. One thing you can surely flaunt about having a cruiser is the sound of the engine.


The word standard implies a motorbike for your routine use, with engine capacity ranging between a hundred to a thousand cc. These bikes offer you comfortable seating with enough space to add luggage. You can call these bikes all-around bikes as they are neither too advanced for new bikers nor too small for experienced bikers. Talking about the design, it has a fundamental design with leaning front and seat height is ideal for almost everyone.

Sports bike

These are mostly single-seater bikes, but you may find two-seater variants for some brands. Sports bikes are specially designed for attaining higher speed and therefore comprise lighter material parts that reduce the overall weight of the bike. The seat height is more than a standard motorcycle so that the bike can lean farther. These bikes have enough space for further modifications and accessories as per the biker, which makes it the most loved bike among the bikers.

Touring bikes

These bikes are the largest among all other types. You will find enough storage space to keep all your luggage. Such bikes are specially designed to cover long distances and are best for cross-country tours. Touring bikes are comfortable as the rider has to drive for hours continuously. They also maintain engine capacity at higher levels that can match the highway speed, and the design of the bike is suitable for all weather conditions.


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