The New Models Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

You’ve no doubt heard the old saying: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

That’s a fining analogy for the crushing financial crisis that has the world under its thumb right now. Matter of fact, not only has life given us lemons, it seems to have us pinned under an entire lemon grove.

For a sizable percentage of the population, there is no good news to be found anywhere in this current economy. Between foreclosures, layoffs, bankruptcies and withering investment portfolios, people everywhere are facing insurmountable difficulties just keeping a roof over their heads. For them, the very idea of purchasing a new model motorcycle isn’t just out of the question; it’s downright absurd.

But although hard times have beset most people in one way or another, many still remain on relatively solid financial ground. If you happen to slot into that category, now could be a perfect time to buy a new models bike-perhaps the best opportunity in decades to get a killer deal on the new models motorcycle of your dreams.

There are no secrets at work here. The motorcycles sitting in showrooms are attracting more dust than interested buyers, forcing dealers to slash prices and make deals like never before. When gas prices soared past the S 3- and S 4-a-gallon level, sales of scooters and small-displacement bikes skyrocketed, but that frenzy pretty much evaporated once the numbers on the pump drifted back down to around two bucks per. Even if gas prices climb back up to S 4 and beyond-which are not outside the realm of possibility-only the sales of smaller two-wheeler are likely to enjoy much of a benefit; the bigger, faster, cooler stuff will continue to move off showroom floors at glacial speeds.

Meaning the deals on those new models bikes will be better than ever

We’ve already seen this strategy at work all across the country. Zero-percent financing free extended-warranty program. A pair of high-quality helmets or two riding suits at no cost with a new-bike purchase Two years or 7000 miles worth of free gasoline all manner of free accessories. And, of course, deep, deep discounts on the sticker price. We’re not suggesting that you take unfair advantage of motorcycle dealers, who are being devastated just as much as any other retailers during this recession, if not more so. But their business is moving motorcycles out the door, not using them as colorful-and very expensive-showroom decorations, and you can be the beneficiary.

Whether or not you are willing or able to take advantage of this unfortunate situation, you should find best new models bikes sincere with own life. It indicates that despite the faltering economy, you have not lost interest in motorcycling, and that is a critically important factor right now. Because it is you and the many thousands of others just like you who will keep this sport viable until our lives eventually return to a state that at least bears some resemblance to normality.

Meanwhile, care for a glass of lemonade motorcycle?


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