Tips to Ride Safely in Rain and Check Your Motor Bike All Parts Daily

Some of us love to ride in rain on motor bike but some might hate it. With reduced visibility, coldness, slippery surface all of these will increase the risk on the road. Whether you’re risk lovers or risk-avoids keep in your mind that safety is the most crucial motor bike parts. Therefore here are some tips on how to ride safely in rain on motor bike.

Your beloved one is waiting for you

  • First of all transfer all your essentials (wallet, mobile, cards) in a water proof bag/case.
  • Please check your tire pressure regularly (not only in rainy season) using the right equipment and not just by using your bare hands or something hard to press the tire.
  • Make sure your tire is not worn out and check out motor bike all parts.
  • You claimed that your visibility will be reduced during rain. So do the others. Therefore wear high-visibility jacket (fluorescent is the best) to make sure other users can see you. Yeah I know black is cool but try to avoid it.
  • Basically a sudden rain after a long dry day, oil layer will form on the road surface. Let the rain takes some time to wash away the oil before you start your journey.
  • If you see rainbow colored fluid on the surface please don’t get excited. Rainbow could be only seen on the sky. TRY to avoid it. That’s oil.
  • Watch out for painted lines, arrows and so on. These ‘helpers’ can be a culprit during rain.
  • Watch out for puddles as well. You don’t know where your bike will go into. TRY to avoid them.
  • You should keep your following distance longer than normal as braking distance would be longer on slippery surface. Oh no it’s a MUST!
  • Don’t brake strongly as this will make you lose your control easier. Apply the brakes gently.
  • And off course REDUCE YOUR SPEED!!
  • In all days should be check your motor bike all parts.


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