The Heavy Bike Fabric Brake Pads

In January, I was at a heavy bike dealership to buy the front and rear brake pad sets. At the time, he had talked to a friend who had just revised his GS 650, so he had an idea of ​​how much he would pay for brake pads.

Being met by a saleswoman at the dealership, I almost infarct-ed, the amount of budget received was simply 5 times the amount I had in mind! Seeing the budget, I said that I wanted only the tablets and that there were other items in the budget. According to the seller, it was the way it was registered in the system, but that the code was correct.

Of course I would not pay more than a thousand reads in two sets of brake pads, apart from the labor that is charged per hour. Upon returning to Camacho DE Premarital – ES, I went to a parts dealer where I bought the Fabric brand front and rear pads for less than R $ 73.00. So far, I have nothing to complain about the tablets.


  • Fabric front brake share from $ 43.73 to $ 39.25;
  • Fabric rear brake pad from $ 15.18 for $ 13.00.

In internet searches, I found several comments about brake pads for heavy bike, among them the imported ones from the brand EBC and HH and the national ones Fisher and Fabric. Fabric has a Racing line, which is slightly softer than traditional Fabric, so wear on the brake disc is less.

Here is an excerpt from one of the comments found on the internet:

“Guy follows if you want a GOOD tablet looking for EBC HH on eBay ….Because here comes more than 130 tales

From national heavy bike race this fabric is the best, I’ve used it several times in GS and whisper, she for better than mold mix, fisher and the like…. And the best that does not fuck with the break disk…. they have two the normal and the racer, get the racer she ends up faster but for much better…. “


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