The Heavy Biker Travel With GPS Technology

Today I made a short and fast walk, but with the very big goal, thank God for life! The destination was the city of Mimosa do Saul, known for sights such as the Waterfall of Graces, the Pones peak, Estela d’Alva stone, where, on clear days, you can see the beach of Maturates. The tourist and religious point I visited was the Christ the Redeemer, located in the very headquarters of the city.

Christ the Redeemer monument was inaugurated last year and this year completes in July, 33 years of existence Occasion that deserves a moment of reflection.

The journey to the city of Mimosa do Saul is very fast, about 45 km from Attila Vivacious and an hour’s drive. The route traveled was: Silicate city San Gabriel Maui Mimosa does Saul. Even the historic town of Maui, the road, even with many curves, is a real carpet. From Maui to Mimosa do Saul it is a true back country with patched roads, many curves, cliffs and holes! Here’s the tip to carefully drive this part of the trip.

After the moment of prayer and returning home, I had to make a mandatory stop at Bar Victoria, located in the city of Maui. This bar is known for the best crackling in the south of Esperanto Santos, and you can find city personalities on Saturday mornings. Today I met a famous journalist from the city.

I took the opportunity and bought a bag of cracklings!

With the famous saying “who has a mouth goes to Rome”, I was afraid to make use of this saying when leaving Brasilia – DF and passing through Bela Horizontal – MG during the return of January vacation. So I bought a GPS (Global Positioning System) from a store in a popular B SB mall.

As I have serious vision problems, I actually intended to buy a 7 inch GPS, but the price was too high. I ended up buying a 5 inch GPS, which served me well for just one trip. Unfortunately, I did not find any motorcycle GPS on the day, so I purchased a car GPS with motorcycle support, but this is a subject for another post.

The good thing about this story was when I arrived at a tech store to ask if there was a “Garmin” brand GPS! Loll Puts, I wanted a hole to stick my head in! Anyway, I ended up buying model navy 55 TV.

In the summary of the opera, I really liked the device, although I used it very few times. The initial value of the device with the updated map was $ 550.00. I ended up buying for $ 520.00 in 6 times.


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